My Hoover Water Damage Restoration Tale

Hoover water damage can fix any jobA few years ago I was traveling all around the southeastern part of the United States. I love that part of our country. One thing they do well there is play some great music and cook great food. Music has always been my first love, but food is a close second. I mean Nashville is the country music capital! I have played there many times in the past and I always love going there. I have many great memories in Tennessee. That one spring I was in the Birmingham area visiting a good buddy of mine. He actually lives in Hoover which is just outside of Birmingham city limits.

I spent a week there in his little one room apartment. It was great! We would go to downtown and just play music every night of the week while I was there. I loved it too because I was making some pretty good money. Actually my stay lasted a little longer than I expected it too. I was in town for one of their bad tornados. Well, his apartment got hammered. That night we had to go to the basement of the complex and sleep. I have to admit it was one of the scariest moments in my life. That night I will never forget.

no job is too big for hoover water damageThe storm was scary, but the aftermath of it was horrible too. He had so much water damage at his place. He was in need of some water damage restoration. If he did not find a water damage company, all his valuables would be destroyed. I was lucky because my little bag of stuff I took with me in the basement. He was worried about all his stuff and also mold damage. He just had a plate full that week. He did find a water damage company near his place. They did great work at his apartment. He said that nothing was destroyed and he did not have any mold around. I know that I was happy it was not me in his situation. I do not know how I would have acted with all that going on.

FYI: Personal Injury Law and Lawyers

I have recently shared that I was in a car accident that gave me so much fear for life and how the world has become.

I got tons of responses via e-mails from readers, sharing their concerns about me and what happened. Others also told me about their similar experiences and how it was also traumatizing and stressful for them, not just because of the fact that they have been severely injured and scarred, but also because they had to undergo so much hassle in getting a settlement from the party that caused the injury.

This made me realize that I should probably also share how I got through the whole legal process.

What I had gone through is classified as Personal Injury. I went and checked with this attorney that can represent my case and make sure that I get the settlement I deserve.

Here are a few helpful pieces of information that could come in handy for people trying to understand the area of personal injury law and how to handle transactions with personal injury lawyers.

What to bring when meeting up with a personal injury lawyer

If you are about to meet with your personal injury lawyer for the first time, it is best to bring the following documents and materials with you, to make meetings fruitful and so that the lawyer can immediately conclude on the strength of your case:

-police reports

-personal reports

-hospital information

-photos of injury or other evidences of injury

-details of the place where the accident took place

-for defective product cases, bring the product with you or have it preserved or stored for further investigation

-bring your car insurance policy for cases of car accidents, or any insurance documents for anything involved in the accident, so that your lawyer can study what the insurance covers that can be applicable to your situation

What should happen on the first meeting with the personal injury lawyer?

On your first meet-up, you should be prepared with the abovementioned documents. As a result, the lawyer can then explain to you the details of your situation and your case. That is, to whether or not you have a strong case. Furthermore, you should discuss the fees and expenses that will have to be settled throughout the duration of the case. You also have to be briefed as to how and how long you are going to participate in the process of the lawsuit. Aside from questioning your lawyer about important points of concern, you should also be prepared to provide information and answer all questions that the lawyer would ask you and are things he or she deems necessary for your case.

When Fear of Death Strikes

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I was recently in a car accident, and at that moment, when the collision happened, my life flashed before me and fear of death reached my brain first before I could think of a way to minimize the damage of the collision.

The accident was caused by a negligent driver who zoomed out of his lane even when he already has the red light. I was just starting to run down on my gas since we were already having the go signal when he speeds out and crashed into my car.

I got injuries all over my body and he was in bad shape, too. It has been a long time since the accident but the scar he left me will never leave me.

I am referring to the scar of fearing for my life. Having experienced such a traumatic event, even when months have passed, I still cannot bring myself to drive a car just yet.

I have constantly asked for guidance and strength from my God and I know that he will make me ready to drive again, someday.

While I muster up the strength to drive again, I found the time to look for information on comprehensive car insurance. Yes, I may have won the personal injury lawsuit I filed against the person who ran into my car, hence, I was compensated for my damages. However, the incident really told me how uncertain life can be, and the only way for us to counter uncertainty is to walk life in faith and in anticipation of the worst.

Having known that now, I have decided to get everyone in my family, insurance. Aside from that, I also got our car insured better, since I had troubles with the last one. If not for the compensation I got from the other party, I would have been facing a lot of car bills because of a failed monstrous insurance company.

Good thing the insurance company I have now is a good one, and has a good reputation for really helping out their clients when the call for their action is made.

If you find yourself in a situation like mine, then know that if you are wronged, you have to fight for your right, and the law will be there to protect you. Of course, the mere fact that you survived also tells you that God has protected you, and continues to protect you even after all the problems.

I really hope more people become concerned of the precious life they have, so that they won’t abuse it. Also, if they do prefer to abuse their lives, then they could at least leave innocent people out of their troubles. We want to live a good life, full of happy memories. Reach out to God so that he can help you see the choices you are making and help you get out of your misery, before you end up hurting yourself and other people.



Life of a Theology Student

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You probably Know that I sing and play the guitar for our church choir. Then, I’m pretty sure it won’t be that shocking to reveal that I am also CONSIDERING becoming a Theology student someday, when the right time comes.

People think that when you study Theology or end up in a seminary, everything is always quiet, solemn and serious. While most of the time this is the case, especially because we are always taught to find peace and balance in ourselves, there are still moments when a Theology class will burst in laughter.

I have a few friends that are already taking on this challenge. Students of Theology are trained to always look for the message of God and understand it wholeheartedly, so that come a time when the student become the teacher, the message of God will be clearly relayed to the people. Given such tasks, Theologians are always perceived to be serious and quiet.

However, my friends tell me that they also have their funny moments.

One time, they were eating their lunch at the dining area in one of their many apartments in Anniston AL (they all live near each other in apartments, and most of the time, they eat together at whichever’s apartment they wanted to eat next), when suddenly, someone slipped near the washing area. Everyone heard the loud thud of the body and the clashing of plates and utensils as it also went diving on the floor. Even as they are taught and trained to never laugh at the misfortune of others, they all still cracked a good laugh, of course, after helping their friend up from all the mess and broken plates.

Some might think that laughing at someone during an incident as this is a sign that God’s words were not learned. But my friends looked at it differently. They say to look at it this way:

If it was any other home, broken plates will not be a sight for laughter. Someone would likely scold the person who fell, because he was careless. So see, helping him up and laughing off the damages he caused in an apartment that was not his own, is a milder approach to the situation, and one that they all believe, is the right reaction, so God permits.

It was a good thing, my friend added, that the apartments they live in are really well-made and that even when shards from the plates scattered all over the floors, it was easily swept out and kept and in a safe place so that other’s can’t be hurt.

The life of a person studying Theology may indeed be almost always solemn and peaceful, but God also wanted us to enjoy our lives because he did not give us the gift of living only to feel burdened and he does not want us to stop from finding happiness, even in the littlest of things.

My friends are really making me want to take up Theology soon. But I am still really thinking hard about it. I’m sure the answer will come to me, soon enough.

Musical Creativity Using the Little Things

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While the music industry is full of songs about love and broken hearts and of those sorts, there are also songs that sing about the little things. Like a favorite car, house, guitar, and all other sort of things that you would not have thought to become sensible as part of a lyrics of a song.

One song that I really found amusing when I heard it was Jennifer Lopez’ song Love Don’t Cost A Thing when the chorus included “…Think I wanna drive your Benz, I don’t. If I wanna floss I got my own…”

Who would a have thought that a song so sensible and power driven included in its lyrics something as far-fetched as a floss? The singer meant it as a metaphor to say that she doesn’t need her lover’s money because she can have the things she need, like a car or, well, a dental floss.

This type of wittiness in song lyrics should also be injected more often, not just for humor but more for wit. Some other song lyrics with this wittiness are:

“If you don’t mind me asking, what’s this poisonous cobra, doing in my underwear drawer…”

“She’s the reason for the teardrops on my guitar…”

These songs may have lyrics that some would call weird, others funny, and others who can’t accept things when they deviate from the norm, call them stupid. Whichever the case, we have to admit that it is a good way to exercise creativity.

This is actually a challenge for music writers. The wittiness and the humor should just be right for it to be considered a meaningful song because if you go overboard, you could end up being ridiculed.

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Key to this challenge, or to any other type of lyric writing endeavor, is research. Yes, inspiration plays a vital role but researching is also just as important.

These are not the types of song I write for our church choir, since these are not the types of songs we sing. However, once in a while, I write these kinds of songs for myself, to exercise my creativity and to remind me that there is more to music than what I do for our church choir.

I am not saying I am not happy with what I play on my guitar for our church. In fact, I am very happy. They are firstly the reason why I continue to love music to this day. All I am saying is that music is a wonderful, vast thing and there are a lot of aspects about it that I still need to explore in order to call myself a true music enthusiast.

You can take on this challenge yourself and see if you can create a masterpiece out of say, a toothbrush, I don’t know. Just try the challenge and see if you could pull it off or you could not do it. The main thing I wish to share is that there is musical creativity in everything, even in the littlest of things.

Here’s a from Youtube video for more tips on how to write a good song. Enjoy!

Video Credit: Tyler Ward Music

Serving God Through Music

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I have been in our church’s choir for quite a long time now and I have learned a great deal about life and people, through the words of God. I especially saw the diversity of people, that even when they come from the same race, and even in the same family, differences are always there. May it be differences in  likes, dislikes, ideologies and whatnot, people will always end up choosing different things and believing in different things and degree.

This is one of my many purposed for deciding to join the choir. To try and direct the differences of people into a singular end goal, and that is to serve God. To do this, one can choose from three things.

Firstly, service to God by serving yourself. You are God’s creation and you deserve to give yourself the best care. You also have to do this so that you can fulfill either of the first two services. Taking care of yourself is very important because you should not waste what has been given to you. You have to treat your body like it is the house of God, where all his love and beauty should manifest. To be able to do this, you have to have a healthy lifestyle.

Second is to serve others. When you serve others, you are still, in essence serving God because everyone is God’s children and God means to make everyone learn life and be happy. If you serve others, you are becoming His instrument in carrying out His plans. This does not mean that you have to serve everyone out there. That is just impossible. Serving others in this sense means to be kind, generous and approachable to even just the people around you, the people you get to mingle in your day to day living, may they be people you know or not. People should be able to see that you are a good person and that you should also spread that goodness in whatever way you could. This also means that you do not harm others because harming them, either in physical ways or emotional ways, even when you believe you are right or you had reasons, will only cause conflict between you and the other person therefore defeating the purpose of spreading goodness and love.

Lastly, you can serve God by serving Him directly. That is, to offer life and service to the church. This is what I chose and this is the path I believe to be truly meant for me because it gives me the chance to serve God in all ways possible, through my choir service.